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Our Core Values

SysteMedics’ primary objective is to empower healthcare businesses by providing innovative technological solutions that meet our clients’ IT needs, and provide the expertise and support necessary for those solutions to function appropriately. We pride ourselves on being oObjective, informative and as available as possible to our clients, while meeting or exceeding each of the internal Core Value statements below.


SysteMedics has chosen not to be bound to one type of software or server, which allows us the ability to work with each client to achieve the best possible decision based solely on their needs. As a result of this philosophy, we do not mark up the sale of any hardware, equipment or software beyond a minimal handling fee. We also will never suggest products or services that are more than our client needs to run their business efficiently. Each package we deliver will be tailored specifically to meet our clients' needs, and will be as involved in the process as you see fit.


SysteMedics staff knows that technology and IT can be extremely confusing. We aim to explain technology solutions to our clients in a way that will provide a practical solution for their business. If our customers understand how the technology will apply to their own business, they can make an informed decision about services and equipment that are an important investment. We will discuss every available option with our clients and listen to their specific concerns, and we will draw on our years of experience in healthcare to suggest some options and alternatives to our client.


We understand that when a technology component malfunctions normal business operations can come to a halt. We are committed to keeping our clients' downtime as low as possible, focusing on solutions that can be implemented quickly to get you up and running again. Our staff is very accessible by both email and cell phone, and we return all client trouble calls in the same business day. If necessary, we will have technicians on site within 24 hours to address the problem and begin IT troubleshooting.


SysteMedics will always be up-front and forthright with our customers about every aspect of our business relationship. We will be truthful to our customers about their needs and the associated investment required. We feel that our rates are highly competitive and below the industry average, and will work with every client to create a package that meets their needs and remains within their budget.


We play an integral role in our clients’ business operations; because of this, the staff at SysteMedics realizes the importance of confidentiality. We also understand that during the course of our business relationship, it may be necessary to handle secure and confidential information. We are committed to serving our clients and their patients, while maintaining the utmost level of discretion. SysteMedics will be happy to sign a HIPAA Compliant Business Associates Agreement if necessary, and pledge to take the safety and security of your data as seriously as you do.


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